Listening to Music While Sleeping with Headphones

Listening to Music While Sleeping with Headphones

Listening to music is a relaxing way to fall asleep, especially when you have trouble sleeping. Doing so while wearing headphones in bed can be a challenge. The discomfort of bulky headphones can interfere with your sleep, instead of helping you. However, when done properly, listening to music while sleeping with headphones is one of the best ways to tune out the world and enjoy deep, restful sleep.

In this article, I’ll go over why you may want to wear headphones in bed. I’ll also cover some steps to make wearing headphones easier and more comfortable while sleeping.

Let’s get started by exploring the benefits of sleeping with headphones.

Potential Benefits of Wearing Headphones While Sleeping

Sleeping with your headphones on can help you feel better. Music therapy helps achieve almost meditative levels of relaxation. Falling asleep and listening to music while sleeping with headphones on can act as this for you. This can be especially helpful for counteracting insomia.

Certain kinds of music can act as white noise. White noise is helpful in blocking out other obtrusive noises that interfere with sleep. White noise is also very calming and lowers your breathing and heart rates.

Using Headphones While Sleeping to Listen to Music

It also lets you harness the power of subliminal learning. Listen to something on your headphones while sleeping lets you learn and think about it at a deeper level. You could even put on an educational audiobook or podcast instead of music.

Other reasons to sleep with your headphones on include:

  • Headphones block out unwanted noise: Wearing headphones blocks out any noise or sounds that might wake you up. Quality or noise-canceling headphones can keep out loud and obstructive noises that may stop you from going to sleep or will wake you up without hurting your ears.
  • Music helps with dopamine production: Your brain is more likely to release dopamine when you’re listening to music. Dopamine is a natural chemical instrumental in having a positive mindset and for falling asleep more quickly.
  • Music relaxes you: As most of us already know, music you love and enjoy relaxes you. Music helps you breathe more deeply and calms your heart rate. This means you’ll be better able to let go of the day’s stressors and reach a deeper level of sleep.

Tips for Sleeping Comfortably with Headphones

If you find sleeping with headphones uncomfortable, there are several different things that you can try. There are specific kinds of pillow and headphones that you can look for.

Listening to Music While Sleeping with Earphones or Headphones

Let’s take a look at these methods to help you sleep comfortably with headphones below.

Utilize Pillows

  • Use a travel pillow: Travel pillows wrap around your neck and can make wearing headphones more comfortable when sleeping. This may not be useful for every night at home in bed, but it’s perfect if you’re trying to nap in your favorite chair.
  • The Original Pillow With a Hole: This isn’t just a description, it’s actually a brand name. The Original Pillow With a Hole! is handmade in the UK. While it’s designed to treat chronic ear conditions, it’s perfect for wearing headphones while sleeping. It has a 4-by-4-inch hole that accommodates your headphones’ earcups while sleeping on your side.

Buy the Right Headphones

Think about buying a pair of low-profile earphones that have soft silicone tips. These should be shaped to fit your ears, so that you hardly feel them as you wear them. There are actually low-profile headphones out there that were specifically made for listening to music while sleeping with headphones.

Sleeping with Headphones and Music

Some of the brands available include:

Headband headphones that wrap around your head are thin, comfortable headphones that are good for sleeping. They’re built from a band of fabric with a pair of padded, ultra-slim speakers. You can quickly and easily take out the speakers to wash the fabric.

The top brands of headband headphones available are:

Try Sleeping on Your Back

Sleeping on your side is the likely reason you’re having trouble sleeping with headphones on. Switch to sleeping on your back when you wear your headphones and see if that’s more comfortable.

Disadvantages of Sleeping with Your Headphones On

While there are several potential advantages to sleeping with your headphones on, there are drawbacks, too.

How to Listen to Music While Sleeping with Headphones

Let’s take a look at some of the potentially adverse effects that can occur and what you can do to prevent them.

Buildup of Ear Wax

Wearing headphones too much can cause improper blood circulation. In turn, this can lead to excessive accumulation of ear wax. If the situation gets serious, you could damage your eardrums or other important parts of your ears.

You should avoid sleeping with your earphones on every night. Skip days whenever you can, though you can sleep with headphones on a somewhat regular basis.

Make sure that you clean your headphones on a regular basis to avoid getting an ear infection. Check the instruction manual for your specific headphones on how to do this.

Development of Otitis Externa

Otitis externa is a condition where fluid builds up in your ears because of ear canal irritation. The skin around the ear canal gets worn and leads to fluid creation. There could be a lot of discomfort and pain when the condition advances.

You can avoid this problem by keeping the volume low. It’s best if it’s under 60 db.

Eardrum Stress

If you listen to high volume music too often, you can end up stressing your eardrums. Make sure you don’t have your music any higher than 60 db in volume.