How to Wear Headphones with Glasses

How to Wear Headphones with Glasses

Are you a glasses-wearer who has trouble wearing headphones? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Headphones are tricky to wear with glasses in many circumstances. They can push your glasses up or dig the frames into your head. It’s annoying when worn for extended periods and prevents the headphones from fitting properly. Fortunately, you can make your headphones more comfortable with some easy steps.

In this article, we’ll go over how to comfortably wear headphones with glasses. We’ll cover ways you can make them more comfortable, as well as how you can modify your headphones for extended use.

The Types of Discomfort Headphones and Glasses Can Cause

Wearing headphones with glasses can cause a couple of different kinds of problems and discomfort.

  • Wearing both items together for long periods of time can lead to sore ear cartilage (auricular chondritis)
  • The pressure on the temporal bone can lead to headaches

Prolonged Periods of Wear are the Primary Problem

The problems caused by wearing headphones with glasses for long periods leads to potential problems. The size and shape of your ear are important factors in determining how much or how little discomfort you will have. Headphones come in one-size-fits-all sizes. It can be tricky to find ones with the best possible fit.

No matter how well your headphones fit, however, if you wear them with glasses for long periods of time, you are likely to experience discomfort of some sort.

Characteristics to Look for in Headphones

If you wear glasses and know you will want to use them while wearing glasses, there are certain things you should keep in mind while shopping for headphones.  

Wearing Headphones with Glasses

When shopping, look for headphones that have the best possible characteristics in the following areas:

Balanced clamping force

You want to avoid clamping that is too strong or too weak. If it’s strong, it will exert too much pressure on the temporal bones and ear cartilage. This can lead to ear soreness and headaches, and this is especially the case if you’re wearing headphones with glasses.

Excessively loose clamping force is also a huge incovenience. The headphones won’t sit right and will constantly fall off, often taking your glasses with it.

Ear padding thickness and material

Take a look at the kind of material used for the ear padding, as well as its thickness. One reason why the ear pads are so important is that they protect your ears from the headset’s clamping force. The main kinds of cushioning you will find are:

  • Pleather
  • Velour
  • Foam
  • Leather

Be aware that pleather and leather won’t be as comfortable for your ears as the other materials. They’re stiffer material and don’t have the same kind of cushioning. Many people consider gel-infused memory foam to be the best kind of ear padding.

Take a look at the design of the headphones

Headphones come in different shapes. Examples include:

  • Supra-aural headphones (on-ear)
  • Circumaural headphones (over-ear)

Both of these designs cause issues when you wear them with glasses. Supra-aural, or on-ear, headphones are usually smaller. With these headphones, the ear cushions rest on your ears. Circumaural (or over-ear) headphones are generally larger, and their ear padding goes on top of the ears.

As on-ear earphones tend to be lighter in weight, they tend to have stronger clamping force. This may make them difficult to wear if you have glasses. This is why over-ear headphones tend to be better for glasses-wearers. With over-ear headphones, you will get earpads that cover the whole ear and so there is less pressure on the ear cartilage and temporal bone. However, remember that the type and size of padding, as well as the clamping force, of a specific model of headphones, are key. Look into these factors and look for reviews before making your purchase.

The Design of Your Glasses

The type of glasses you wear will also play a part in whether you have discomfort from wearing them with headphones. The material of the frames and the height and thickness of the frames are factors. If you can buy new glasses, look for ones that have thinner frames. Thin frames will usually make it easier to wear headphones comfortably.

Other Tips for Making Your Headphones More Comfortable to Wear with Glasses

If you already have headphones and don’t want to buy another pair, there are certain things you can try to make them more comfortable with glasses.

Stretch Out Your Headphones

Find a few hardcover books and put them together on their sides. Then stretch out your earphones and put them over the books. You can use this as a headphone holder, a place where you keep your headphones safe when not wearing them. Stretching out your headphones in this way can help reduce the clamping force, making them more comfortable to wear with your glasses.

Tips for Wearing Headphones with Glasses

Make sure that you don’t stretch out your headphones too much. Stop putting them on the books when you think that you’ve already stretched them enough. Repeat this process if you they feel too tight again in the future.

If you’re still having trouble with wearing headphones and glasses at the same time, there are other, more drastic things that you can try.

Cutting through the Ear Cushions

Be careful with this. If the ear paddings on your headphones aren’t replaceable, you will not be able to undo this. You can use this technique with over-ear headphones. It can help make more space for your ears, cutting down on the effect of your headphones’ clamping pressure. You can cut a hole through the paddings of the earpieces at the place where the frame of your glasses sit.

Look into Virtual Reality (VR) Frames for Your Glasses

Having VR Frames for your glasses can make wearing headphones very comfortable. This is because they cut down on the pressure that your headphones exert on the frames. Make sure that you like the appearance of the frames before you buy them, however. Some people don’t appreciate the style.

It’s Possible to Wear Headphones and Glasses Together Comfortably…You Just Need to Know How!

As I’ve explained here, there are ways to wear headphones and glasses at the same time without ending up with discomfort and headaches. Try some of the tips I have listed above and enjoy your music!