Bluetooth Headphones Stuttering

Bluetooth Headphones Stuttering (how to fix)

Nothing is more annoying than the sound starting to cut out while you enjoy your favorite song on your wireless Bluetooth headphones. You might almost go crazy trying to figure out why the connection is so choppy as you fruitlessly try to change the angle to stop your Bluetooth headphones from stuttering.

This scenario is all too familiar, and just reading it might get you infuriated all over again. So, how do you fix bad connection on your Bluetooth headphones?

Whether it is a new problem or something you’ve had to deal with for a while, this article will explain what causes bad Bluetooth connections and how to fix stuttering headphones.

What causes your Bluetooth to stutter?

Most times, stuttering audio is caused by an interruption or partial disconnection between the signal of two wireless points.

How to Fix Stuttering Bluetooth Headphones

Stuttering is most commonly caused by software issues, including:

  • Changes to your mobile device or computer’s operating system
  • Firmware changes on mobile or other devices
  • Updates to mobile apps or computer software
  • Bugs or other problems in your car stereo set

Stuttering can also be a result of an object blocking the connection physically. Software issues are frustrating but can often resolve themselves with a simple restart. Some other causes of Bluetooth audio stutter include:

  • Your bluetooth headphones need to be reset
  • There is a signal mismatch
  • The battery of your bluetooth headphones are running low
  • Your Bluetooth headphones are too far from the signal
  • There is a cluttered bandwidth with multiple Bluetooth devices on it
  • Your headphones are old and require an upgrade

How to Fix Stuttering Bluetooth Headphones

The first step to fixing stuttering bluetooth headphones is to begin with any problem that is simple and fundamental. There is a possibility that a small glitch has affected the audio output of your Bluetooth.

You can try the following steps before attempting any significant repairs on your headphones.

Reset Your Bluetooth Headphones

When you reset your Bluetooth device, it will refresh your Bluetooth device’s configuration and pairing data. This might be the simple fix that you need.

Switch Off Your Bluetooth Headphones

Hold down the power button for at least 7 seconds. When you do this, the blue light should glow at least 4 times. Ensure that you are in the Bluetooth signal range and temporarily remove other wireless devices, especially Wi-Fi devices. Turn off the Wi-Fi signal as it might interfere with the connection.

Check the Battery Of Your Bluetooth Headphones

The battery is an essential component of your Bluetooth headphone. Ensure that the device is charged and the battery is not damaged. If the battery is no longer appropriately functional, you might need to get a new battery. As the battery becomes weaker, the sound quality begins to skip or stutter in Bluetooth headphones, which don’t last forever.

Operate in a Low Wi-Fi Signal Area

Almost everywhere you go these days has a Wi-Fi signal. Trying to connect your Bluetooth headphone in areas with high Wi-Fi connectivity, might result in connectivity problems and cause the sound to stutter.

Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Stuttering?

This interruption is because Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology uses the same bandwidth – 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz. The bandwidth makes it possible for these two to clog each other’s path during data transfer. This may be the issue with your Bluetooth headphone.

Cars and Mobile Devices

When mobile devices are paired with a car’s audio system, you may experience Bluetooth stuttering. To fix this, you will need to find out where the problem comes from – your car or phone.

You can try clearing the cache on an android or select the “forget this device” option in your phone settings. Over time, cached files can become corrupt due to little changes to your mobile device’s operating system. This can tamper with a successful Bluetooth connection.

When you eliminate these problem files by clearing the cache, you can now connect your phone to your car speaker via Bluetooth.

Wireless Headphones

The mobile app associated with a specific pair of headphones might be an issue. Because most wireless headphones are connected via Bluetooth, there are instances where the app might be the issue. If you need to connect your wireless headphones via an app on your mobile device, check that your operating system is recent and the app in question is up to date.

Earbud-style headphones usually have more Bluetooth stuttering problems than other wireless designs. You might experience dropped calls, difficulty in syncing correctly, dropped connection between both earbuds. In such cases, the stuttering might be challenging to fix as your head might be messing with the signal.

Fixing a Stutter in Bluetooth Headphones

Headphone makers have discovered that updating the firmware provides improved sync and reduces other problems a bit. However, this is not a permanent fix. It is still worthwhile to look at the manufacturer’s website for firmware updates and troubleshooting guides.

Final Thoughts About Fixing Your Stuttering Headphones

If you continue to experience stuttering after trying out these tips, you should seek professional support. There might be chances that your audio device might be experiencing a more severe glitch that requires inspection.

Contact your headphones manufacturer for a resolution to the stuttering problem. A warranty most likely covers your device. If the damage is severe, you might get a replacement.

Wireless headphones are gaining popularity. You must know the quick fixes you need to tackle the issues that come with these devices to eliminate stuttering issues.