How to Keep Airpods from Falling Out

How to Keep AirPods from Falling Out

Do you love your Apple AirPods but just wish they’d stop falling out all the time? In this article, we’ll go through things you can do to prevent this from happening and explain the different third-party tools and techniques you can use to keep your AirPods secure when doing a variety of everyday activities. Let’s get started and explain how to keep AirPods from falling out.

Some of the most common reasons why your AirPods might not fit properly and tend to fall out include an incorrect fit, the earbuds getting hit or moved physically, or using the wrong silicone tips. While AirPods are recognized as a great earbud choice if you want something that fits well, at least about 10% of consumers still have trouble getting their AirPods to fit as they want them to. As with all other types of earbuds, AirPods are made to be one size fits all.

While regular AirPods have plastic replaceable tips, AirPods Pro have silicone ones. While some people find this to be helpful, the silicone tips can actually make your earbuds more likely to fall out in certain circumstances. This is because silicone is more slippery so more dirt and grime tend to gather on them. It is true, though, that AirPods Pro does come with silicone tips in different sizes.

Keep AirPods from Falling Out

Standard AirPods are more likely conventional earbuds while AirPods Pro are more like in-ear earphones that go deeper in the ear.

My General Tips for How to Keep AirPods from Falling Out

Now let’s look at the things you can do with both AirPods and AirPods pro to keep them from falling out.

Using Standard AirPods

One thing you can do to make your standard AirPods work is to wipe off the buds with a very slightly damp cloth before use. This will get rid of any dirt and oil that on them. When there is dirt on your AirPods, they are more likely to slip and fall out. Once you have done this, position the AirPods in each ear. Ensure that there is a vertical alignment of the stem with your head. It should create a line that is parallel with your face.

Once you have done this, rotate the buds until they find the right fit. Make sure to stop until the earbuds feel secure.

Using AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro are more like in-ear earphones than earbuds. They have silicone tips that come in different sizes. When you get your AirPods Pro, they will be fitted with the medium buds. There will also be small and large tips included the box, so make sure to look for them. You can try the different tips to find out which one works best for you.

Make sure to look for the sizing letter and align this with the black vent. There should be a click noise when you turn the earbuds properly. Press the earphones in and rotate them, and then gently wedge them in. Make sure to be very gentle when pressing the earphone in until you feel it securely wedge into your ear.

AirPods Pro provides an ear tip fit test, so make sure to try this:

  • Put in your AirPods Pro
  • Connect them to your iPhone
  • After that, go to Settings and then Bluetooth
  • Select the info button and then Ear Tip Fit Test

Third-Party Accessories to Keep Your AirPods in Place

There are a number of third-party accessories that can help keep your AirPods from falling out. Let’s go over some of them below (I’ve provided links to each product on Amazon if you’re interested in reading customer reviews or purchasing them):

AhaStyle Silicone AirPods Ear Hooks

These are special covers for your AirPods. These covers include a silicon tip extension and a hook.

AhaStyle Airpods Cover / Ear Hooks

You can use these covers with the regular AirPods. If you have AirPod Pros, you can get pro versions of the AhaStyle Silicone AirPods Ear Hooks. These only have a hook.

DamonLight AirPods Covers

These are silicone covers for your AirPods. DamonLight AirPods Covers make your AirPods grip more securely in your ear.

DamonLight AirPods Cover

There are DamonLight AirPod covers available for both regular AirPods and AirPods Pro. This accessory is actually thin enough that you will be able to put it inside the charging case.

GOGOSODU Airpods Strap

This strap doesn’t help with the fit of your AirPods inside your ear, but it will give you extra security. This means that you won’t lose either of your AirPods if they come out of your ears.

GOGOSODU Airpods Strap

While it’s not quite a sleek as some of the other options, it’s a great look when working out at the gym.

Things to Keep in Mind

Keep in mind when using add-ons for your AirPods that you will need to take them off of your earbuds to charge them. When your AirPods are charged, you must put the tips and add-ons back on. If you have the AhaStyle add-on, you will find that they come with a silicone pouch made especially for you to carry them. This makes this add-on more portable.

Another add-on alternative for AirPods you can look into is Insignia’s “Accessories for Apple AirPods.” These accessories include a set of silicone hooks that you use to wrap around your ears and earbud tips in three different sizes (small, medium, and large). You use the hooks to make the AirPods stay where they should in your ears. The kit also comes with a silicone cord to attach to your AirPods. When you do this and put the cord around your neck, you will never lose your AirPods, even if they fall out.

Try the Waterproof Tape Fix

This is a popular hack for making AirPods stay securely and keep them from falling out of your ears. To use this technique, you will need waterproof tape. One of the best kinds on the market is Nexcare 3M brand (Amazon link). It has the strength and durability you need.

To try this, you will have to cut out some circular pieces of the waterproof tape, using a hole punch. If you don’t already have one of these, you will have to get one. Put one circular piece near the top of your AirPod and another near the bottom on both earbuds. Make sure that the tape is set close to where the AirPods go in your ears. The raised surface of the tape should provide just enough extra friction to hold them in place. It’s also a small enough fix that you’ll be able to charge your AirPods with it.

Enjoy Keeping Your AirPods in Your Ears

As you already know, Apple AirPods are an amazing product and wildly popular for very good reason.

How to Keep Your AirPods In

The one drawback is that for some ears, it can be a challenge to keep them in your ears. Hopefully this article has helped you understand your options to keep them in your ears securely.